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Friday 1st May 2020


Today's grammar activity focuses on something that we find tricky in year 6 - the difference between formal and informal language. Watch the video below to remind yourself of the difference and how to tell when the formal or informal tone is being used and in which situations each type of language is most appropriate.


Formal English and informal English

Now you've reminded yourself of the difference and how to spot whether formal or informal language is being used, try the questions below. Either print out the sheets or answer the questions in your workbook.


Which task to pick?

EXE is for those of you wanting to try age-related questions.

GDS is for those of you wanted to try working at greater depth questions.

You can mark your own work using the answer sheets below.

Great at Grammar challenge: final day


It is the last day to try to get to the top of the Great at Grammar charts! Also, your final chance to vote on what happens next to PP/Nigel.


Currently, the votes are:

Please stop! 5 votes

Leave it on a cliffhanger: 20 votes

I have to know what happens next: 16 votes


To take part, click on the link below.

White Rose / BBC Bitesize mathematics challenge


We follow the White Rose mathematics scheme at school. They have teamed up with the BBC to lay on a 'Friday Challenge'. You can find it below.


You can follow instructions at the link below to compare your scores with other Year Six children across the country, if you wish.

Geography – Water World

During this topic we are going to be thinking about water, it’s importance and how we can improve our usage of water – and encourage others to do the same.


To begin with, let’s think about the water in the world. Your challenge is to research and find out the answers to the below questions.


  1. How much of the Earth is covered in water?
  2. Where can you find water on Earth?
  3. How does water move around the earth?
  4. What are oceans and seas?
  5. What are rivers and lakes?
  6. What is the difference between fresh and salt water?


Here’s a video to help you answer the questions about water.

The Water Bodies

On this day in history: 1st May 1707


The 'Acts of Union' came into force - this united England and Scotland to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Stock footage: Articles and Act of Union with Scotland 1706-1707

This is a selection of shots from stock footage by the Parliamentary Archives featuring the Articles of Union 1706 and Act of Union with Scotland 1707.

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