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Friday 1st May

Good morning Reception, it is Friday. 

A new day and a new month. Welcome to May – let’s hope this month brings great things for all of us. You have done some great learning this week. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


A bit of mindfulness colouring today –

Physical Development

Don't forget your fitness today - Have you tried out Yoga yet? - Cosmic Kids Yoga has been mentioned by a few families - may be worth a look after your relaxing colouring!


Communication Language and Literacy


Have a look at the home learning tasks for The Very Hungry Caterpillar today – you can choose 2 of them to do…

PDF is attached for you to look at.

Some learning tasks for you to choose from...



I thought you might like this Caterpillar Story today...

Maths - Number


Use your fingers today to help you to count to ten – counting on from different numbers – you could do 4 hand prints if you wanted to challenge yourself to 20!


Handprints- Draw around your hands and cut them out.

You can use them to make number sentences and counting there are a handy resource to have. (heehee)

See the picture – it may help.

Paper hands to help with your counting, adding and subtracting

Knowledge and Understanding

Caterpillar diary – Let your grown up write it again today (as they did so well yesterday) – just tell them what to write – remember to remind them about finger spaces and full stops!


Have a go at a nature trail today – this was an idea inspired by a few of you. You can use the check list o have attached or create one of your own. What can you find whilst you are out and about?

PDF is attached.



An idea if you wanted to go on a Spring treasure hunt...

Expressive Arts

Have another listen to the story from Monday about Tom and Nina – Can you make some Tom and Nina puppets or some puppets of you and your friend / little brother or sister and you – whoever you like – just make sure there are 2 characters.

Think about the size and the body of your person – make sure their are arms, legs head – are all in the correct places.

I have attached a PDF that may help you with the outline and the size.


PDF – Girl and boy.


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