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Friday 1st May

Good morning Year 2,


Reminder to quiz on Accelerated Reader using this link

Please email me if you cannot remember your login and I can help you with this. Well done to the children who have already quizzed. As a guide, the children usually quiz on two or more books per week at school. If you have run out of stage books please use the links below and other children's books you have at home.


Your home learning pack can be found below your warm up videos. Can you impress your grown-ups at home with this fact? On the planet Venus it rains metal.

Joke of the day - What did the llama say when he got kicked out of the zoo? “Alpaca my bags!"


Grown-ups please send me a quick email today to check in.

Have a lovely day,

Miss Smith

Dance along to help get your brain ready for your learning today!

Jump Like The Bunny - Awesome Sauce | GoNoodle

3 Times Table Song - Percy Parker - Who Likes School Dinners

Home learning pack
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