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Friday 15th May

It's Friday! Below you will find the home learning activities for the day. Complete these and then it's the weekend!


Today's grammar activity is all about apostrophes. Apostrophes can be used to show omission of letters (contractions) or to show possession. Watch the videos below to remind yourself of how apostrophes are used in these two ways before attempting the task that follows.



How to use apostrophes

Using apostrophes to show singular & plural possession

Now you've reminded yourself of the two ways that apostrophes are used, try the questions below. Either print out the sheets or answer the questions in your workbook.


Which task to pick?

EXE is for those of you wanting to try age-related questions.

GDS is for those of you wanted to try working at greater depth questions.



For mathematics today, you are to take the role of teacher. Below, you will see a finished arithmetic paper. Sadly, I have had a look through and have a feeling that it is not one hundred percent correct!


Could you please:


1) Mark the questions. To do this, you will need to work out the answers.


2) If the question is wrong, please see if you can correct it. Look at the workings - can you spot where the error was made?


3) Find the overall score.


4) Finally, please give three bullet points. One thing that the candidate has done well. Two things that they might need to work on. An example might be 'do not forget to carry numbers when adding'.


This is a great chance for you to show your arithmetic skills that you have been working on this week. Good luck!

I have now marked the paper, and it was... *shudder* interesting... Here are the answers for you to check as well.

Give Your Parents a Break Week


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This day in history: 2004


The animated film 'Shrek 2' premieres at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Like the original Shrek film before it, and all the Shrek films after, it was truly terrible.

Shrek 2 (2004) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

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