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Friday 15th May 2020

Good morning Year One.


We have made it to the end of another week of home learning and the end of 'Give your Parents a Break' week!  How did you get on with all the activities? Please do get in touch to let us know how you did.


Here are your tasks for today.


Start your day with some yoga. Follow the link below:

Pedro the Penguin | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!


Today we are going to 'show off' our handwriting by writing out the famous children's nursery rhyme, 'London's Burning' which was written about the Great Fire of London.


Watch the short video below. Can you join in with the singing?

London's Burning Lyric Video

Your task is to write out the words for the rhyme 'London's Burning' in your best handwriting. Remember to think carefully about sitting your letters on the line, keeping your letters the same size and shape and thinking about where to start your letters and the direction you form them.


You can find a copy of the words below. Choose how you would like to present your work. You can write the words straight into your workbook and decorate the page or you can print out one of the Fire of London page borders to write the rhyme on. 


Please test your child on the following spellings: Monday, TuesdayWednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Mark your child's work and let us know how they did. 


Please try to read for at least 10 minutes each day. Here are the websites with lots of online books to select from:



For maths today we will be doing the Cooking Class Maths Challenge. This maths challenge shows how maths is everywhere!  We will see how we use maths in cooking as you learn how to make a butterfly pizza.


Today's lesson is found on the link below. **** Please note that this lesson is not found under this week (w/c 11th May). You will need to go back to last week's activities by opening the Summer Term - Week 3 (w/c 4th May) tab. Then you scroll down to Friday and hopefully you will see the Friday Challenge.**** From there you can watch the video and then complete the activity sheet. You could either print out the 'Get the Activity' pages and complete the tasks or do the tasks straight into your workbooks.


If you have been inspired by this challenge, you can also download the recipe to make the Butterfly pizza.

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