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Friday 12th June

Good morning Reception and welcome to Friday's learning. Well done for another great week of learning...

Physical Development – Fine Motor control skills

Can you use the long and short diagonal lines to make capital letters, A, Y, N, M, W, K, V, Z

Communication Language and Literacy 

Enjoy the Snail and the Whale today - Can you retell it to a grown up today?

The Snail and the Whale | Julia Donaldson | Axel Scheffler | children's book | Story time

The Snail and the Whale is a children's book by former children's laureate Julia Donaldson, illustrated by longtime collaborator Axel Scheffler. It has won s...


I hope you enjoyed the Phonics play challenges last week – you have worked hard on your phonics this week – have a go at some more games, can you test the pirates?

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Day 5 of the Snail and the Whale Maths today.

Today’s focus is: Measure, length, height and distance.

White Rose Maths day 5

Knowledge and Understanding  - RE: Friends

Jesus gave us a rule - It’s this: Love one another. I love each one of you, and I want you to love each other.

When you’re all happy together, everyone will know that you love one another, and that you are my friends.”

Based on John 13: 34-35

Thinking about this rule and what we can do to be a good friend.

Some ideas for you to show your understanding of the scripture – draw a picture of you and your friend and what things you have (qualities) that make you both special friends. 


Can you make / draw a friendship tree – imagine it is something that you could sit under, maybe with a friend? Surrounded by your favorite flowers? Your favorite things growing from the tree, special signs of nature. 
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