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How can we live Holy Week from home?


This week will be a very strange Holy Week. This year there will be no pubic Chrism Mass or washing of feet on Maundy Thursday, no public veneration of the cross on Good Friday and no public Easter Vigil. However, what we can do is live Holy Week at home. We can live-stream Masses and the Good Friday liturgy or perhaps Stations of the Cross too, and we can do our best to live it from home in other ways. Here are some tips on how to enter into the spirit of the week from home.


Not being physically at Mass can be incredibly distressing, particularly during Holy Week and yes, reading the readings at home are not the same as being at Mass. But this is such an important week for the Church that it’s vital we read them ourselves to recall what Jesus went through for us. It will also give us some semblance of normality.


Whether you are live-streaming at home or not -why not observe the rituals of the Triduum as part of a liturgy at home? On Maundy Thursday, someone can volunteer to have their feet washed and another to wash them, to emulate the humility of Jesus at the Last Supper.


Perhaps, on Good Friday, your could gather together at 3 pm - the time Jesus died, and using a crucifix you have at home, venerate it yourselves. When the Passion is read aloud on Good Friday, each part is often read by different people - something that can easily be done at home.


You might like to gather together everyone in your household on the evening of Holy Saturday to read all or some of the readings.


Another way to celebrate the Holy Week services is through  'live streaming'.  You could make a focal point in front of the device you are streaming on - with a crucifix and a Missal. 


Below is the web address for St Peter’s Church in Shoreham.  Fr Graham is recording mases and live streaming some of them.

Activities to do in Holy Week


Other ways to support you during Holy week are through some of the charities that we are heavily involved with in school – listed below are resources to help the children understand the events of Holy week with prayer, liturgies and activities.  The web links for Cafod and Mission are listed for you below:

This is the web link for the CAFOD website

We hope you find these resources useful and that you all have a Happy and Holy Easter.

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