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Bank Holiday Friday 8th May 2020

Good Morning Year 6. It is Bank Holiday Friday today and the end of another week of home learning. Due to the fact it's a Bank Holiday, there is just a few activities for you to work through today. 


Today's grammar activity is all about the active and passive voice. Watch the video below to remind yourself of how to identify the difference between the active and passive voice. It gives you a clear explanation of the difference and a great cheat to help!

The Active and Passive Voice

Now you've reminded yourself of the difference and you know how to spot whether the active or passive voice is being used (BY ZOMBIES), try the questions below. Either print out the sheets or answer the questions in your workbook.


Which task to pick?

EXE is for those of you wanting to try age-related questions.

GDS is for those of you wanted to try working at greater depth questions.

This day in history: 1660

English parliament declares Charles Stuart to be King Charles II of England.

King Charles II rap - Horrible Histories

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