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Year 2

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Welcome to Year 2!

In Year 2 we have our Class Teacher Miss Smith and our Teaching Assistants Miss Ruddick and Miss Goodchild. We're also very lucky to have Mrs McKeown teaching us one afternoon a week too.


The Victorians

In our topic ‘The Victorians’ we will be finding out what it was like to be a servant  or go to school in Victorian times. Later on we will be learning about other aspects of Victorian children’s lives including: toys; chores and having a job!

We will be going to Victorian School and on a trip to Preston Manor, to support our learning within this topic.


We will be talking about...

What was it like to go to School in Victorian times?

What does ‘seen and not heard’ mean?

Did Victorian children have to do chores?

Why did some Victorian children have to have a job?

What jobs did Victorian children have?

What toys did Victorian children play with?

How can we create exciting writing about what we have learned?



Here is the topic plan and the overview of learning for this half term.

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Play these games at home to help children to master what we are learning in class:

Literacy and Numeracy -

Literacy -

Reading -

Literacy -


Numeracy -

Numeracy -

Numeracy -

Numeracy - (Times tables, division tables doubling and halving) -

Numeracy – (Percy Parker) -

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